Our “Creating Comics” Enrichment Clubs are off to a spectacular start! Beginning the last week of February, first through eighth graders began diving into how to convey ideas through shapes and images and drafting ideas for their very own comic strips. Our incredible enrichment instructors tailored their discussions for the diverse ages and backgrounds of each Enrichment Club member, with elementary-age students beginning with comic-book terminology and learning how to lay out a panel, while middle-school students were able to get right into brainstorming ideas for their own comic stories!

Over the next few weeks, each Enrichment Club member will create their very own comic strip or comic book, learning artistic techniques and literary concepts along the way.  Now that each member has learned the building blocks of a comic panel, they’ll go on to learn about story structure, visual storytelling, and context clues in order to draft their comics. After that, they’ll go on to learn about visual proportions, inking, coloring and shading, and other artistic techniques to really bring their comics books to life.

The goal of each Enrichment Club is to bring opportunities to learn new skills and engage with the arts and sciences to local youth. “Creating Comics” opens up new possibilities for what those skills and artistic techniques can be, and has created a space for young artists to learn about new mediums, engage with new ideas, and to show off their incredible creativity! Check out our picture gallery below to see what they’ve been up to so far, and don’t forget to come back later and see what they’ve created!