Construction on our new “Little Futures” Classrooms is officially finished! Our incredible staff is in the process of setting up these awesome new spaces to be cozy, welcoming places to learn and grow.

When “Little Futures” Preschool opened in 2019, it occupied only one small room at the front of the building. As the need for this kind of care in our community became more and more apparent, it preschool expanded to fill a second room, but the need only grew in response! There are a lot of memories in these original rooms: first days of school, first times away from mom or dad, first teachers, first school projects, and first graduation ceremonies. But as its students grew, the preschool needed to grow too. We needed bigger rooms that could accommodate more students, better lighting and access to other parts of the building, and a space designed with our kids and their unique needs in mind.

Renovations on what is now two all-new classrooms began at the end of 2022, as the next step in a series of building renovations that began in 2020. With essential help from Caolo & Bieniek Associates, Inc., the members of our Building & Safety Committee, and support from the Irene & George A Davis Foundation, these rooms have been transformed into incredible classrooms for our preschool and pre-k students. This space boasts a welcoming ceiling, freshly painted walls and fun floors, is filled with natural and overhead light, and has its own bathroom and field access. The new classrooms opened to students this Monday, May 22nd, and they are already having tons of fun and making new memories as the first students to occupy these made-over rooms.

They may be the first, but they won’t be the last! These renovations are bringing our building into the 21st century, and are setting up the Club to last for generations more. We at the West Springfield Boys & Girls Club are so grateful to everyone who made this project possible, and we hope you’ll enjoy the picture gallery below!