West Springfield Boys & Girls Club offers a variety of Enrichment Clubs throughout the year, each of which offers a unique opportunity for members and non-members to learn fun new crafts, participate in science experiments, make new friends and create lifelong memories. Our “Slime Time” Enrichment Clubs began on November 2nd, with children across our five program sites learning the science behind the slime!

Over the last few weeks, our “Slime Time” members made bouncy slime, fluffy slime, and have started creating their own foam dough! With each new type of slime, kids are introduced to the chemical reactions that create that particular type of slime, practice measuring and mixing ingredients while following a recipe, and experiment with how changing ratios or ingredients affect the finished product. Whether what they’ve made is gloopy, bouncy, stretchy or sticky, each session brings a host of new sensory experiences for them to engage with. And even when it doesn’t go quite according to their plan, our Club staff ensure that each Enrichment Club session is a safe place to make mistakes, get messy, and try again. “Slime Time” also provides opportunities for creative expression, with fun colors to add and new shapes to make out of every batch!

If you missed out on signing up for “Slime Time,” don’t worry – our “Winter Wonderland S.T.E.A.M” Enrichment Club will start enrolling soon. This Club will focus on winter-themed Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math projects. Participants will think about the geometry of snowflakes, create ornaments and make their own battery-powered spinning toys. Each session will challenge Club members to think creatively about a problem and work together using hands-on techniques and materials to solve it. Keep an eye on our parent portal for more updates!